Hartwig Dilling Fine Art

I create paintings in acrylics – former in oils – on canvas, recently on wood.

After painting for many years in oils (mostly landscapes, still lifes and so on) I developed my art into abstract subjects. A certain technique, which I call winking the „extreme layering technique“, allows me to create a powerful deepness and a very wide range of vibrant colours and shapes. I want the viewer to participate in the contemplation and tranquility of the creation process by just – viewing, lost in thought.

My first exibitions took place in the early 2000s in the Nuremberg area. After those commerially quite successfull exibitions I ran a little gallery for a couple of years by myself. Actually I am proud to be represented by Susi Höhne’s Beuteltier-Art-Gallery in Leipzig besides my online activities.

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